The Purchasing Process

Complete the Quick Quote form to get an idea of monthly payments, interest rates and associated mortgage fees.

Find the property which is right for you

Sign the preliminary sales agreement, this will stop anyone else from purchasing the property and you also have a 7 day, change your mind period. Check that the agreement also includes a subject to mortgage acceptance, which means you will not lose your deposit if the mortgage is refused.

Go online to and complete the Online Application Form 

Find a Notary for your purchase – we will be happy to provide details if required.

Complete the mortgage application and submit with the require documentation, if successful the mortgage offer will be issued and a copy sent to your Notary. Wait for the cooling off period to expire, 10 days, but no more than 30 days to accept the offer

The mortgage funds will be requested by your Notary and prepare the Deed for you to sign. Once the deed has been signed you have successfully completed the purchase of your new home in France.

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